Academic publications


2018: Special Relationships in World Politics. Inter-state Friendship and Diplomacy After the Second World War. Routledge: New International Relations series (Paperback: December 2020).
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Edited work

2019: Kinship in International Relations. Routledge: New International Relations. Co-edited with Iver B. Neumann.

2017: Special Issue: Small state responses to a changing European security landscape. Global Affairs 3 (3). Co-edited with Pernille Rieker.

2012: Det glemte partnerskapet: Norge og Storbritannia i et nytt århundre. Fagbokforlaget. Co-edited with Øivind Bratberg.
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Articles and book chapters in English

2022: United clubs of Europe: Informal differentiation and the social ordering of intra-EU diplomacy. Cooperation and Conflict (Online First, 19 August 2022).

2021: Reputation crisis management and the state: Theorising containment as diplomatic mode. European Journal of International Relations, 27 (3), pp. 708-729. Co-authored with Cecilie Basberg Neumann.

2020: The Nordic Balance Revisited: Differentiation and the Foreign Policy Repertoires of the Nordic States. Politics and Governance, 8 (4), pp. 441-450. Co-authored with Ole Jacob Sending.

2019: Kith, kin and inter-state relations: International politics as family life. Chapter 3 in Haugevik, Kristin & Iver B. Neumann (Eds) Kinship in International Relations. Routledge.

2019: Kinship in International Relations: Introduction and framework. Chapter 1 In Haugevik, Kristin & Iver B. Neumann (Eds) Kinship in International Relations. Routledge. Co-authored with Iver B. Neumann & Jon Harald Sande Lie.

2018: Parental Child Abduction and the State: Identity, Diplomacy and the Duty of Care. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, 13, pp. 1-21.

2017: Diplomacy through the back door: Norway and the bilateral route to EU decision-making. Global Affairs, 3 (3), pp. 277-291.

2017: Autonomy or integration? Small-state responses to a changing European security landscape. Global Affairs, 3 (3), pp. 211-221. Co-authored with Pernille Rieker.

2015: Status, small states and significant others: Re-reading Norway’s attraction to Britain in the twentieth century. In de Carvalho, Benjamin & Iver B. Neumann (Eds) Small State Status Seeking: Norway’s Quest for International Standing. Routledge, pp. 42-55.

2013: Empire, Specialness: Exploring the Intersections between Imperial and Special Relationships. In Parker, Noel (Ed) Empire and International Order. Routledge, pp- 95-112.

2013: EU-NATO relations. In Joergensen, Knut Erik & Katie Laatikainen (Eds) Routledge Handbook on the European Union and International Institutions. Routledge. Co-authored with Nina Græger.

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2009: Regionalising the Responsibility to Protect. Possibilities, Capabilities and Actualities. Global Responsibility to Protect, 1 (3), pp. 346-343.

Articles and book chapters in Norwegian

2020: Staten, barnevernet og utenrikspolitikken. Fra indre anliggende til internasjonal konfliktsone. Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift 37 (1), pp. 5-18. Co-authored with Cecilie Basberg Neumann

2018: Norske svar på internasjonale utfordringer: Retorisk endring, stabilitet i tiltak. Internasjonal Politikk 76 (4), pp. 366-383. Co-authored with Ole Jacob Sending.

2018: Introduksjon: Nordiske svar på geopolitiske utfordringer, Internasjonal Politikk, 76 (4), pp. 311-315. Co-authored with Ole Jacob Sending.

2017: Hva betyr Brexit for utenforlandet Norge? Internasjonal Politikk, 75 (2), pp. 152-166.

2017: “Norsk utenrikspolitikk begynner i Europa”. Arven etter Brende i europapolitikken. Internasjonal Politikk 75 (3-4), pp. 220-229. Co-authored with Nina Græger.

2017: Norden og Storbritannia: Et nytt avsnitt. Internasjonal Politikk 75 (2), pp. 106-116. Co-authored with Ulf Sverdrup.

2015: Ledestjernen som forsvant. Storbritannia i norsk utenrikspolitikk. Nytt Norsk Tidsskrift 32 (4), pp. 341-351.

2012: Fra storpolitisk allianse til lavmælt vennskap: Norge og Storbritannia i utenrikspolitikken. In Bratberg, Øivind & Kristin Haugevik (Eds) Det glemte partnerskapet: Norge og Storbritannia i et nytt århundre. Fagbokforlaget.

2012: Innledning: Et glemt partnerskap? In Bratberg, Øivind & Kristin Haugevik (Eds) Det glemte partnerskapet: Norge og Storbritannia i et nytt århundre. Fagbokforlaget. Co-authored with Øivind Bratberg.

2009: Interinstitusjonelt samarbeid: Et effektiv sikkerhetspolitisk instrument? In Rieker, Pernille & Walter Carlsnaes (Eds) Nye utfordringer for europeisk sikkerhetspolitikk. Universitetsforlaget, pp. 137-150.

2006: Middelvei med fransk touche: Franske og britiske preferanser i EUs sikkerhets- og forsvarspolitikk. Internasjonal Politikk 64 (4), pp. 487-507.

Reviews and commentaries

2022: Verden i endring, diplomati i fatning. Internasjonal Politikk 80 (1), pp. 157-164

2015: Review Essay: Diplomati på europeisk. Internasjonal Politikk, 73 (4), pp. 557-568.

2015: Book review: The Coalition Effect. Tidsskrift for Samfunnsforskning, 56 (4), pp- 503-506.

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2005: Book review: The European Dream. How Europe’s Vision of the Future Is Quietly Eclipsing the American Dream. Internasjonal Politikk, 63 (4).

2003: Book review: The Breaking of Nations. Internasjonal Politikk, 62 (3).