Reports and policy work

2021: Small States, Different Approaches. Estonia and Norway on the UN Security Council. Report. Tallinn: Estonian Foreign Policy Institute. Co-authored with Piret Kuusik, Kristi Raik & Niels Nagelhus Schia.

2020: Common Fears, Common Opportunities? Czechia and Norway in the Changing International Context. Policy Report. Prague: Institute of International Relations. Co-authored with Benjamin Tallis, Morten S. Andersen, Mark Galeotti, Jakub Godzimirski, Jan Mazac, Øyvind Svendsen & Elena Zhirukina.

2019: Ten years on: Reassessing the Stoltenberg Report on Nordic cooperation. Policy Report. Reykjavik: University of Iceland. Co-edited with Ulf Sverdrup. Co-authored with Björn Fägersten, Karsten Friis, Lars Gjesvik, Pia Hansson, Calle Håkansson, Tuomas Iso-Markku, Hans Mouritzen, Silja Bàra Omarsdottir, Au∂ur Birnà Stéfansdottir & Øyvind Svendsen.

2018: Nordic responses to Brexit: Making the best of a difficult situation. NUPI Policy Brief. Co-authored with Björn Fägersten, Pétur Gunnarsson, Juha Jokela, Catharina Sørensen, Baldur Thorhallsson & Anders Wivel.

2017: Strategic cooperation against terrorism 2.0? Collaborating with adversaries. NUPI Policy Brief. Co-authored with Julie Wilhelmsen.

2014: Britain Outside Europe? The Norwegian View. In Möller, Almut & Tim Oliver (eds.). The United Kingdom and the European Union: What would a “Brexit” mean for the EU and other States around the World? DGAP Analyse No. 16. Berlin: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik.

2010: Towards a NATO à la Carte? Assessing the alliance’s adaptation to new tasks and changing relationships. NUPI Report. Co-authored with Jakub Godzimirski & Nina Græger.

2009: The Revival of Atlanticism in NATO? Changing Security Identities in Britain, Norway and Denmark. NUPI Report. Co-authored with Nina Græger.

2008: Internasjonale organisasjoner som kontekst. In Neumann, Iver B. (ed.) Norge og alliansene – gamle tradisjoner, nytt spillerom. Oslo: NUPI.

2007: New Partners, New Possibilities: The Evolution of Inter-Organizational Security Cooperation in International Peace Operations. NUPI Report.

2007: Civil-Military Cooperation in multinational and interagency operations. NUPI Report. Co-authored with Benjamin de Carvalho.